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Passports for Children under 15 years (Minor Child)
A new passport can be issued on expiry, or up to one year before expiry of any passport which had an initial validity of 5 years.


  Application form completely filled in and signed by the applicant. Child should sign/write his/her name at the relevant place for signature of applicant in the application form. If the child cannot write his/her name, thumb impression (left for male and right for female) should be put at the relevant place of signature of applicant in the application form.

  The declaration in the application form must be signed by both parents on page 2, which should match with signatures on their passports.

  If one of the parents is resident abroad, the consent of that parent in prescribed form (Annexure ‘H’, see link ‘Forms’) duly attested by the Indian Mission/Post of the country where the other parent is residing, should be submitted along with the application form.

  If there is significant difference in appearance of the child, an affidavit of Change of appearance has to be submitted by the parents (please see the link ‘Forms’) The current passport having valid Visa or Residence Permit is required to be enclosed with photocopies of pagescontaining detailed passport particulars, Visa page and the page containing observation (s), if any (photocopies should be self-attested by the parents). In case the latest passport is an additional booklet issued to the original passport, the additional booklet(s) plus the original passport must be furnished.

  Original Passports of both the parents are required to be furnished at the time of submission of application for issue of passport for a child, along with self-attested photocopies of Passports/visa of both parents.

  While applying in person for minor, both parents have to be present. If one of the parents is unable to come, then an authority/consent letter should be given by the parent not appearing, authorizing the other parent to apply alone. This is in addition to the required affidavit and signatures on page 2 of the application form.

  If either of the parents holds a foreign nationality, a letter from the concerned Embassy or Mission of that country or from the concerned Dutch authority(in case of Dutch national) stating that the child has not acquired nationality of his / her non-Indian parent would be required.

  For a child with a single parent or where one of the parents has not given his/her consent, a Sworn Affidavit by the single parent stating facts about custody/reason for being single parent and taking legal responsibility for any dispute with the other parent in future, is required to be filled. (please see the link ‘Forms’)

Time Frame for service: Normally 1 month from the date of submission of application.
Note: Children between the ages of 15 & 18 may apply for full validity passport only if they are normally living in the Netherlands. The applicant may be advised to submit additional documents, on case to case basis.