About Us Issue of Passports or Emergency Certificates in lieu of damaged/lost Passports

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Issue of Passports or Emergency Certificates in lieu of lost/damaged Passports
Applications for lost/damaged Passports must be submitted in person by the applicant and not sent by post.

  Application form completely filled in and signed.

  A sworn Affidavit in the prescribed format (Annexure ‘L’, see link ‘Forms’). The Affidavit can be sworn at the Embassy of India itself for an additional fee of €12.00 (excluding €3.00for ICWF) or an Affidavit from a public notary.

  Proof of legal stay permission in the Netherlands. It is necessary to furnish proof of a valid Visa or Residence Permit. If there is no valid visa or Residence Permit, a Short Validity Passport for one year may be issued;

  Where application is made more than three years after expiry of passport, an affidavit regarding non-acquisition of foreign nationality should also be submitted in the prescribed form (see link ‘Forms’)

For long term residents of the Netherlands i.e. more than six months:

  An affidavit regarding non-acquisition of Dutch/foreignnationality (to be filed at the Embassy of India).

  Letter from Immigration and Naturalization Department/gemeenteconfirming non-acquisition of Dutch nationality

  Any other supporting document establishing applicant\'s Indian nationality like Driving License, PAN card, Election ID Card etc. in original with a copy (the IDs furnished should preferably be issued by Government of India or other Indian authorities like the State Governments etc. IDs issued in the Netherlands would be considered only as secondary proof).

  Personal Particulars Form (in duplicate) for Police Verification (available at Embassy of India) may be required to be filled in some cases where identity is not conclusively established.

Note: Habitual losers may not be issued passport and may get an Emergency Certificate only.

Re-issue of short-validity Passports on emergency/not having valid Visa Requirements:

  Copy of visa, if available (if applicant is not able to furnish any proof of legal stay then the passport will only be renewed for another year on production of documentary evidence that applicant’s appeal to regularize his/her stay in the Netherlands is pending). Name in visa document/sticker or Residence Permit should match with that in the passport otherwise a short validity passport will be issued in cases where there are minor differences in the name on the passport and name on visa/Residence Permit and only after the applicant furnishes correct documents, a normal validity passport will be issued. Passport will not be issued if there is a major difference in the name on the Indian passport and the name on visa/Residence Permit and the applicant will be asked to rectify/clarify the anomaly and any further services will be extended only after the rectification of the anomaly.

Time Frame for service: No definite time-frame since such applications are processed on case to case basis. Normally, it may take up to 5-7 weeks. Cases where a reference is required to be made to Indian authorities or other passport issuing authorities may take longer time.

Note:  The applicant may be advised to submit some more documents, after scrutiny of the application on counters, on case to case basis.