About Us Schedule of Fees for Passport & Consular Services

Fee Structure for Passport Services



Re-issue of Passports: Up to one year after expiry, or up to
year before expiry (having valid Visa)/If there are no sufficient blank
pages in the Passport/ Change of name subsequent to marriage or
remarriage or divorce or death of spouse/Addition or Deletion of
Spouse name/Change of address/Change of signature/Change in appearance

For ordinary (36 pages) passport

€ 60.00

For jumbo (60 pages) passport

€ 75.00

Passports for Children under 15 years

Issue of fresh passport/ Re-issue of Passport to minor child

€ 40.00

Re-issue of passports or issuance of Emergency Certificates in lieu of damaged or lost or stolen passports

For ordinary (36 pages) passport 

€ 110.00

For jumbo (60 pages) passport

€ 130.00

For Emergency Certificate 

€ 12.00

Additional fee for the affidavit which can be sworn at the Embassy of India (if applicable)

€ 12.00


  • *  Apart from normal fees prescribed above for all services, an additional fee of €3.00 is charged on account of ICWF. Fees for all services are subject to change from time to time.

  •  Service Provider VFS Global is authorized to charge € 18.51 per application as service fee.

  •  For re-issue of passport where passport had expired one year ago or any forgery with earlier passport, applicants may be required to pay penalties, in additional to normal fees, as prescribed under Indian Passports Act, 1967.