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Change in appearance, etc.

Passport can be reissued for change in appearance, subject to post-Police Verification in case of minor change and pre-Police Verification in case of substantial change of appearance. This will also apply to Sikhs who want to change from turbaned photograph to clean shaven photograph.
In case of request for change in sex consequent to medical procedures changing sex of an individual,the applicant should give a Sworn Affidavit regarding the change in sex and furnish supporting certificate from the hospital where he/she underwent the medical treatment for the purpose. Since the change in sex will also normally require a change in name, the applicant in that eventuality, will also have to follow the procedure regarding change of name. Passport will be issued on such application only after fresh police verification.
If your appearance has changed significantly since your last passport was made, you should apply for a fresh passport with a recent photograph.
Time Frame for service: Normally 1 month from the date of submission of application provided all conditions are met. Cases where pre-police verification is required, or other complex cases, generally take longer.
Note:  Applicant may be advised to submit more documents, on case to case basis.