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Advisory to the Indian Community on Fraud Calls

Posted on: March 04, 2019 | Back | Print

Advisory to the Indian Community on Fraud Calls

The Embassy of India, The Hague would like to draw kind attention of Indian Community in the Netherlands about fraudulent calls being received by members of Indian community, especially Indian students and professionals from unscrupulous elements using name of Indian Embassy and spoofed telephone numbers especially of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration and Naturalisation Service, Ministry of Justice and Security.

It is advised to be vigilant and to ignore unusual requests, especially when caller is requesting personal/financial information since Dutch government authorities do not request personal/financial information by phone, or request a money transfer by phone.Further, Dutch government bodies, generally speaking call from so-called ‘unknown’(not identified) telephone numbers. Therefore, in an event when a call is doubtful to be a fraud call/ caller’s identity is doubtful, recipient of such calls are advised to ask for the caller’s name/identity and the general telephone number of the organization. Thereafter,disconnect the call and verify the general number of the organization and report the call to the organization to confirm the veracity of the calls received. DO NOT give sensitive information by phone or transfer money on request by phone, unless the identity of the caller is certain.

It is requested that in the event of receiving such calls, the number from which the call has originated, date and time of call, contact number on which call was received and nature of demand or threat may be furnished to Police as well as Embassy of India,The Hague at consular.thehague@mea.gov.in.

It is reiterated that Embassy does not call up people asking for money, etc. and hence such calls be ignored and reported promptly

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