National Statement delivered by Ambassador of India, Mr. J.S. Mukul, during the 51st Executive Council Meeting of the OPCW

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24 February 2016.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for convening   this special session of the Executive Council.  My delegation would also like to thank the Director General for his briefing on chemical weapons in Libya and presenting us some possible options for their expeditious destruction.


Mr. Chairman

2.    The immediate challenge before us in Libya is the early and safe destruction of all remaining chemical weapon stockpiles of Libya. This is to ensure that the possibility of chemical weapons and toxic chemicals falling into the hands of terrorists is completely eliminated. It has been our consistent position that the use of chemical weapons anywhere, anytime, by anybody under any circumstances needs to be prevented. Any use of chemical weapons is reprehensible and completely contrary to the provisions of the Convention and accepted international legal norms.

3.  My delegation has noted the Libyan request to the OPCW and would like to commend the Director General and the Technical Secretariat for initiating prompt discussion. My delegation believes that the Council must act decisively for the OPCW to respond effectively to the threat posed by terrorists in Libya and take urgent action to counter any chemical weapons falling in the hands of terrorists. 

Mr. Chairman

4. My delegation has examined the draft decision. We fully support the decision and hope that it would be adopted with consensus to send a clear message. This mandate will enable the Technical Secretariat to urgently look at all possible options with a view to pursuing the optimal course of action for the destruction of the remaining chemical weapons of Libya. It would be in the interest of all if Libya’s chemical weapons are outside the reach of terrorists as early as possible in view of the prevailing security situation in Libya.


Thank you Mr. Chairman.

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