Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra & Diaspora Museum in New Delhi

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Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra (PBK) &

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) of the Government of India is in the process of setting up a Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra (PBK) in New Delhi as an institution to help engage with India’s vast Diaspora and commemorate their trials, tribulations and achievements. 

One of the important components of the PBK is a Diaspora Museum, to highlight the experience of overseas Indians in diverse parts of the globe. It would be curated by a professional curator, and contain artefacts, documents and photographs, etc. relevant to the Diaspora. 

The Netherlands has been an important destination for the Indian Diaspora, which has contributed in many ways towards its culture and development. It would indeed be a signal contribution if some of the Diaspora members could donate objects of interest to the Museum. At this stage, photographs about Diaspora history (and lithographic prints) will be particularly welcome, since initially it is proposed to mount a photo exhibition at the Diaspora Museum. MOIA, would acknowledge contributions of the photographs that have been selected for display, whose ownership would pass on to MOIA.

Individuals or diaspora organisations desirous of donating objects of interest to the Museum may please contact Counsellor (Cons) at e-mail: 

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