Sworn Affidavit for Issuance of Passport to Minor Child Residing in India
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This affidavit is required to be submitted at the concerned Passport Office in India when either of the parents /both parents is/ are applying for his/her/ their child’s passport in India and the other parent/ both parents is/ are residing in theNetherlands. Through this affidavit,the parent(s) in the Netherlands certify/ certifies that he/she/ they has/ have no objection for a passport being issued to his/her/ their minor child in India.For this service, applicants have to apply in person.


i.            Miscellaneous Application Form dully filled in and signed by the applicant(for Miscellaneous Application Form, please visit the link ‘Forms for Consular Services’).

ii.            Sworn Affidavit in prescribed format(for Format of Sworn Affidavit, please visit the link ‘Forms for Consular Services’)duly filled in by the parent(s) living in the Netherlands. The Sworn Affidavit needs to be signed by the parent(s) before the Consular Officer.


                              a.            In case of Indian nationals:Valid passport in original and self-attested copies of first two and last two pages of the passport and the page (s) containing Passport Officer’s observation(s), if any.

                              b.            In case of foreign nationals: Valid passport in original and self-attested copies of the passport pages containing personal particulars.

    iv.            Proof of Residence: Any of the following self-attested documents viz. copy of utility bill (landline telephone bill/electricity bill/gas bill/water bill) or lease deed (of house) etc. where the applicant’s address is clearly mentioned, should be provided, OR Uittreksel from Gemeente where applicant’s address in the Netherlands is clearly mentioned should be provided.

      v.            Visa Status: Copy of passport page/Dutch Residence Permit Card showing the visa status should be enclosed.

Fee: €12.00. Fee is payable by debit card (PIN). Cash is accepted as an exception if exact amount is tendered.

Processing Time: Normally, same day/next working day subject to documentation being in order.


Note: Apart from the general mandatory requirements mentioned above, applicant may be advised to submit additional documents, after scrutiny, on case to case basis.